The Counter in Palo Alto

The Counter in Palo Alto
369 California Avenue
Palo Alto, CA 94306

Do you know what to choose? Our friend Laura recommended the place saying it was better than San Diego’s Hodad’s for burgers so of course we had to try it out! It’s a gourmet burger place but affordable pricing. You get to choose meat, bread,  cheese, 4 toppings, sauce, and even if you want it in a bowl.

Fifty-Fifty Sweet Potato Fries & French Fries
Our fries came out fast, hot, and very delicious! I really enjoyed the sauce that came along it with too.
They also had onion strings perhaps I’ll try that next time. But I definitely go back for more of these!

Max’s Burger: Onion bun, 1/3 beef, red peppers, tomato, lettuce bed, grilled onions, honey mustard sauce
horseradish cheese plus added bacon. Verdict: Very satisfied
However he said he’d probably add more cheese and switch out lettuce (small amt) and peppers (taste)

My Burger: Rustic Ciabatta, 1/3 beef, red peppers, tomato, lettuce bed, grilled pineapple, bbq sauce, imported swiss
Verdict: Delicious “gourmet” burger
However I would opt out on ciabatta as it got soggy making it messy to eat. I’d also opt on the lettuce.

But in the end we decided we couldn’t compare “The Counter” to “Hodad” as these restaurant cater to different types of burgers. I’m excited to try some more burgers out soon!!! YUM


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