“The Great Minnesotan Get to Together” MN State Fair 2010

The Minnesota State Fair
The Fair is one of the nation’s largest and best-attended agricultural events!
Aug. 26-Labor Day, Sept. 6. 2010
Prices: Adults $11, Seniors +65 $9 & Children 5-12 $8, Children under 5 $0

I was very excited to be going to fair this weekend since I hadn’t gone in ages due to college commitments out of state. I don’ t know about other state fairs but the Minnesota State Fair is a pretty big deal around here. I feel around this time every year that’s all that anyone is talking about..nice weather to go to the fair…oh I ate this thing on a stick at the fair…the radio is booming with fair news.

The Minnesota State Fair is one of my most anticipated events all year.
Over the years, the fair was where I saw my first pig, won my first state ribbon for acrylic painting,  it’s where my brother’s marched in the parade, and where all my family & friends gathered to have a good time and try a bunch of strangely delicious concoctions!

Our first treat is the “Flowering Onion” $8
It comes with your choice of ketchup, ranch, or nacho cheese sauce. It’s one of my family must have for the fair foods.The price had gone up drastically from $4-5 but we concluded it was a much bigger onion and we wondered where they grew such large onions! The batter was crispy, onion petals easy to eat, and it came out pipping hot. But it seemed to lack the onion flavor and texture so it was only ok.
Next was a stop at the Milk & Dairy department for some ice cream.
I didn’t get enough time to take all the photos but we ended up trying strawberry malt, raspberry sundae and vanilla/chocolate twist cone. I really enjoyed the raspberry sundae! It had a good amount of fruit and vanilla flavoring. My mother thought the cone flavor wasn’t very strong.

Cheese Curds inside Food BLDG $5
These cheese curds were very delicious. If you haven’t ever had a cheese curd you are missing out! For best results cheese curds must be eaten quickly when hot, flavor is mild, texture stringy similar to mozzarella, and deep fried in a light crispy batter. However sometimes at restaurants they use a breaded batter but I prefer thinner batter. The best part was we got them for free from my brother’s state fair band coupons! mmhmm good!

What color is my tongue ? I really liked this painting at art hall.
90lb hand crafted sculpture from butter.

Eco stamps (if you get all for temp tattoo prize) This totally made me think of world expo!
Other picture is a huge prize with a little kid.

Extreme Snow Cone (Blue Raspberry & Cherry) $5.50
I think there was like 5 different flavor, this was the largest size. It was pretty huge so it was good to share. However, my family and I didn’t really enjoy it because the ice shaving was too large and the flavor all sunk to the bottom so it was like a syrup pool at the end.

World’s Greatest Fries $6 (3 sizes, we got 2nd largest size)

Fries are made from fresh potatoes and rather large helping enough for 4 to share. It would be great for folks who like softer fries but I prefer crispy fries so it’s not my favorite.

We also tried roasted corn $3 a cob (+A delicious!)
Fresh Squeezed Lemonade $5 for 30 oz (thirst quenching, bit sweet)
Got Milk Barn? Best deal in the house for only $1 (All you can drink milk!!!)

That our family outing to the MN state fair -stay tuned for more ^_^


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